Fake Writing Awards

Real writing awards don’t hand out awards to hundreds of so-called winners. Only fake writing awards do that.

Real writing awards don’t let authors enter many books in many categories. Only fake writing awards do that.

Fake writing awards are the products of award factories. Award factories that are making money hand over fist from stupid authors desperate for recognition

One award factory runs these 17 identical awards programs and even has a form that allows authors to enter all 17 programs at once. If you see an author claiming an award from one of the following don’t just walk away run, run, run as fast as you possibly can in the other direction.

Los Angeles Book award
Animals, Animals, Animals Book award
Beach Book award
DIY Book award
Green Book award
Halloween Book award
Hollywood Book award
London Book award
Paris Book award
Southern California Book award
New England Book award
San Francisco Book award
Great Midwest Book award
Great Northwest Book award
Great Southeast Book award
Great Southwest Book award
New York Book award

Other fake awards are just as bad:

Readers Favorite has awards in 100 categories and gives out over 500 fake awards a year.

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