Authors to Avoid

Kindle Readers Beware was started to spread the word about unethical practices of kindle authors. Fake reviews, fake fans, fake awards and other fakery is unethical. Investigative journalists at sites like Bagged and Tagged, Shame on You, and Amazon Alert have identified a number of kindle authors using unethical practices. Kindle Readers Beware has encountered unethical authors too.

Our list of the worst offenders and the top authors to avoid:

Hugh Howey – Reigning king of fakery. Hugh Howey has a long history of fraud. Not only Hugh Howey has bought thousands of reviews to pump up his own books, he buys reviews to trash other authors.

Melissa Foster – Reigning queen of fakery. Melissa Foster has a long history of fraud. She was so desperate for recognition she entered dozens of fake writing contents and has over a dozen fake writing awards. Melisssa Foster also has purchased hundreds of reviews.

The escapades of Hugh Howey and Melissa Foster are so extensive they make most other unethical authors activities look tame by comparison but here goes anyway with a list of authors who are known to have purchased 100 or more fake reviews:

Jay Allan

Daniel Arenson

K Bromberg

Ryk Brown

Mary Campisi

Emma Chase

Edie Claire

Blake Crouch

David Dalglish

Jillian Dodd

Tarryn Fisher

Bella Forrest

Rebecca Forster

Debora Geary

TR Harris

Amanda Hocking

Hugh Howey

BV Larson

Cassia Leo

Michael G Manning

Matthew Mather

MR Mathias

Gail McHugh

Mallory Monroe

Aaron Pogue

JS Scott

Jessica Sorensen

Erica Stevens

Stephanie Lisa Tara

Cheryl Kaye Tardif

A Meredith Walters

HM Ward

David A Wells

Jasinda Wilder


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