The Misogynist Rantings of Hugh Howey

By now the massive fraud of Hugh Howey is widely known. For those few who aren’t familiar with the epic fraud of Hugh Howey, we suggest reading past posts from Zon Alert and Fiverr report to familiarize yourself with the massive scale of fraud exposed.

Hugh Howey has bought thousands of reviews, or at least that’s the number of paid reviews that’ve been identified. After being outed by Zon Alert and Fiverr Report, Hugh Howey went on a rampage for weeks professing his innocence, claiming Zon Alert and Fiverr Report were writing negative reviews of his work at Amazon, and ultimately posting to his blog an article that demonstrated just how low Hugh Howey will stoop to achieve fame and acclaim.

Hugh Howey’s Internet-wide rampage demonstrated several things about his character. His hubris and ego for starters. How desperate he is for attention. How he believes he’s untouchable. How he tries to bully into silence anyone who dares say anything about him.

Do some research on “Bitch from Worldcon” to see for yourself how massive Hugh Howey’s ego is. “Bitch from Worldcon” is a post in his blog, which Howey has since removed, where Howey degrades and denigrates a stranger he came across at Worldcon whose apparent crime was that she didn’t know who Hugh Howey was.

Bruised ego, bleating and chest beating ensue, resulting in a rare glimpse of the real Hugh Howey or as a former Hugh Howey co-worker puts it: “The self-righteous pompous prick of an egomaniac who thinks he shits truffles.”

Don’t take our word for it. Read the rant for yourself to see just how much of a misogynist egomaniac Hugh Howey is. Here’s a screengrab.

Hugh Howey, Con Artist and Fraud

Hugh Howey, Con Artist and Fraud

In typical Hugh Howey fashion, Howey buys his way out of the problem. He starts buying more and more reviews only this time reviews aren’t for his books, they’re for books of other authors and the instructions are: “Give pain. Take ’em down.” In other words, pump out negative reviews.

Then Hugh Howey claims that he is the victim of bullying, spinning the truth on its head and resulting in a flood of support for him and his work. A carnival carnie? Yes.

Hugh Howey made similar claims when he was outed for his fakery. In a reply post, Howey goes on and on about how he was bullied as a child before talking about his dead dog and showing readers a picture of said dead dog before ultimately swearing on the life of said dead dog that he’s innocent. A con artist at his best? Yes.

Time to go give Hugh Howie’s books some real ratings? Yes.

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